Dashingly handsome, bold and daring, a great humanitarian....
These are words Matt Harris' mother uses to describe him.

Matt has also been called "a cross between Chris Farley and a Saint Bernard Pup" and a "fruity cherry on a banana-split of comedy". To be clear: Matt is neither the unholy spawn of a beloved comedian and a puppy, nor is he a member of the genus Prunus.

Other people* have referred to Matt as "an actor" who "likes to play" and who is sometimes "quite funny".

Poor attempts at humor aside,

Matt was born in Findlay, OH, grew up in Massachusetts, Georgia and again, Ohio where he earned a BA in Theatre Performance at the University of Findlay. After playing Camillo, Cleomenes, Antigonus and the Clown in Winter's Tale in his very first production, Matt fell in love with applause from an audience** (and later grew to love acting as well).
After college, Matt worked with several regional theaters before making his way to New York City where he stays consistently busy with a multitude theatrical and film projects up and down the eastern seaboard. He doesn't speak any languages beyond English, but does do an impression of TV's Paul Lynde. So he's got that going for him#.

**True story, Matt was needy back then+
# Also, the picture to the left is real. Matt went through a Genie phase for a brief time in the mid-aughts.
+Matt is still incredibly needy, it would be great if you say something nice on the comments page. Or offer him an acting job.

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