"Oh Crit! The D&D Improv Show"   continues to be a hit with audiences and will begin monthly performances at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre in September!


Matt played Tank, the Triceratops in "The Dinosaur Play" at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Review of Mrs. Mannerly

"At times the performance has the feel of a one-man show, with Harris called upon to impersonate family members as well as the other students enrolled in the class, and he offers a skilled, energized performance, deftly moving from one role to the next, giving each character a distinct personality with just a few changes in gesture or voice." - Karen Elias, Lock Haven Express

"Harris ... succeeds using facial contortions and voice changes as he ferrets out other classmates traits, including those of an over-achiever, a “goth girl” and apple-polishing teacher’s pet.

It is Harris’s comments directly to the audience ... that generates lots of laughs." - Jack Felix

Williamsport Sun-Gazette

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